About me 

My approach to props is both functional and poetic. I let the moodboard soak in and I ‘listen’ to its rhythm attentively for some time, then I’m flashed by the sudden awareness of what is the right kind of shape, colour, texture, design for that  set.

I adore to create objects, as I’ve learnt how to manipulate different materials (wood, stones, ceramics, cloth, metal, plastics, paper and others) in the course of my  studies in NABA, with a bachelor in Product design and after a masten in Fashion and textile design to which I added courses in tailoring, goldsmithing and graphics.

The functional approach is like a mission for me, I find it vital to take care of and meet the needs of the projecs for whom I can research for the perfect object from the vast world of designer stores;  thanks to the collaboration with artistic ateliers and refined craftsmen from Italy, my skills of props designer and maker can produce excellent taylored results.

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